Burn Calories, For Earth.

Earn coins by burning calories. Donate coins to charity to help save the earth.

Burn Calories, Earn Coins

Every move. Every activity done. Everywhere. Coins are earned automatically.






Calories4Earth Donate Target

After we reached our Target, in time duration or amount of coins, Calories4Earth collects all the coins from the users and donate to the choosen charity. The more coins you collected, the higher the reward for you!


After a time period or goal reached, you can vote to which charity we donate this time.
Calories4Earth will make the donation, you get rewarded!


Set your personal goals, set group goals, or use the goals set by Calories4Earth

Personal goal

burn 300kcal
per week

Event goal

Together dance for 1 hour and burn 10kcal calories as group

Calories4Earth goal

Together burn 20.000 kcal
in a week.

We Value Your Privacy And Security

When you use our app your data is always secure. Your privacy is important to us and we are fully committed to protecting it. We do not sell your data to any other company.


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